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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ashesi Career Day CS Programming Competition

Charlie writes: Charlie poses with the winners:
On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, Ashesi University held its annual Career Fair on campus. The CS Department participated by holding a Programming Competition over the spring midterm break. The challenge was to process GPS tracking data collected by Nsoroma on one of the staff busses over a period of a month.

Computing Challenge Details

The students were able to choose between python and java as their language of choice, and asked to attempt three tasks of increasing difficulty:
  1. What is the location (rounded to two digits), in latitude and longitude, where this vehicle is parked at night?
  2. What are the number of visits to a set of circular Points of Interest, specified by three numbers, and the average time spent by the vehicle in each of those geofences for each visit?
  3. Which of the trips is "unusual," where "unusual" is defined as you wish?


The contest attracted more entrants than earlier competitions, and we had 27 total, broken down as follows:
The contestants' submissions included their software, a readme file with any instructions required to run the code, and a one page summary of their approach, including references to any resources they used to assist them in programming their solutions.


Kenneth Mintah, CS Faculty Intern, then ran the submitted code over the supplied data files, and verified that they delivered the expected answer. He also ran the codes over a significantly larger data file that the students had not been exposed to, similar to the way Kaggle competitions are run. Thus, the ranking of functionality was one point each for the three tasks over each of the two pairs of data files, for a maximum of 6 points. Below shows the histogram of the points earned by the submissions:
Some Tracks


This years winners were:
1st prize:
Constant Likudie (CS 2018)
Constant will receive a GenKey paid internship plus monthly guidance by the their technical lead, and a one week visit to their operation in May. PLUS Voto Mobile - 1 week management training session PLUS United Pensions Trustees - GHS 300 CASH
2nd prize:
Maxwell Aladago (CS 2018)
Maxwell will receive an Olam Ghana GHS 1000 paid internship PLUS United Pensions Trustees - GHS 200 CASH
3rd prize:
Stephane Ofosuhene (Engr 2019)
Software Group 3 month paid internship PLUS CS Department award GHS 200 CASH
4th prize:
Anthony Aboe (CS 2018)
Department award GHS 200 CASH
Honorable Mentions:
Wuyeh Jobe (CS 2019)
Oracking Amenreynolds (Engr 2020)
Departmental award GHS 100 CASH each
All participants:
All participants will receive a certificate and be invited to a celebration pizza party organized by the Computer Science department sometime in the next few weeks. Cash prizes will be awarded after the requisitions have been processed by Ashesi's Accounts department.

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