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Monday, September 17, 2007

Life In Ghana

Ken wrote the following haikus for a recent English assignment. We thought they gave a good picture of life in Ghana, so we asked him if we could share them with you. As I post this, the roosters in the neighborhood are going nuts! The photo is Ken in 2005.

Power Out

The night has begun.
Our microwave won’t start up.
It is power out.


The morning cock crows
As the sunlight fills the house.

Ghana’s life returns.


Coming out at night,
The rat skitters through the roof;
It eats all our food.


No attention span,
I start daydreaming in class.
I get in trouble.

(Chicken King)

The royal cock crows.
His fiery crown stands up as
He struts proudly by.

copyright 2007 Ken Jackson

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